The Candidate

The interactive workshop to improve interview skills for your managers.

Re-Imagining the Learning Experience

Who said learning should not be fun and engaging? We learn more when we are interested and wanting to take part. 

We use experience based learning along with gamification to bring your workshops to life and drive the learner experience through the roof.

For most experience based learning solutions you normally have to pay licence fees that can spiral out of control. 

All of our products are licence free. Meaning you pay the price you see and the activities are yours to run as many times as you like. 

It's always nice to have options!

Train the trainer

Always a good option if you have a number of facilitators who will be delivering our workshops. 

Running a Train the Trainer will help to ensure that all of your facilitators are delivering a consistent message across your business. 



Interview skills for managers.
Ideal for your people who are conducting many interviews and representing your brand, but have never been trained on how to conduct one well!

Familiar Scene?

Is this a familiar scene in your workshops? Or maybe you're just looking at making what you already have even better. 

We can design bespoke workshops for you. Anything from on-boarding to customer service to developing your leadership capabilities. 


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Caroline Bowes

“The most engaging but practical training session I have been through”

L&D Manager on The Candidate

Joren Huijten

“Extremely thought provoking and active”


General Manager on Coaching Skills for Managers

Christina Assman

“Active, fun but also great skills learned” 


 Hotel Manager on Presentation Skills

Christina Ward

“It just makes sense now! After all of these years of conducting interviews!”


HR Manager on the Candidate

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