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People learn from other people! The nature of human interaction can lead to spontanious breakthrough or what we like to call 'lightbulb' moments by allowing learners to learn from each other.


It also aids in collaboration and relationship building as wells as it providing a higher level of knowledge retention. 


At the centre of experience learning are personal experiences, reflection and active experimentation. 


Feedback is hard to find outside of the learning environment which is why this adds to the value of the experience. 


We all learn at different paces, a flexible pace in the classroom can add to the learner experience. It allows facilitators to spend more time on areas where the learning audience needs help to grasp concepts and to advance through content that is already understood.


Fact: people learn more when they are having fun. The Journal of Vocational Behavior 

found that "fun activities were significantly related to learning from others and non-interpersonal sources."


Fun experiences increase levels of dopamine, endorphins, and oxygen – that all promote learning and retention.

Experience based learning solutions without the excess licence fees! 

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We also offer a bespoke design service for your learning and development needs.


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