Customer Pursuit is the interactive board game based on all things Customer Service. Focusing on six key areas the participants will explore best practices, tips and tricks to aid in their service delivery, understand fact and figures about the industry and most importantly gain further insight in to how they can improve their own service delivery.


The six key areas of customer service are:


On the Phone

Providing great customer service on the phone can be hit or miss but applying some basic principles and techniques can turn an average experience into a positive one.


Customer Complaints

No one likes them, but they happen. Dealing with complaints in the right way is a great opportunity to turn your most vocal customers into your best advocates.



We have all experienced a lack of ownership in service at some point in our lives. But on the odd occasion when you experience someone taking ownership your heart skips a beat and a smile naturally appears on your face.



Interesting facts and figures keeps the participants on their toes as they realise the impact that great customer service can have not only on the customers, but the organisation too.


Helpfulness & Friendliness

Genuine and real helpfulness and friendliness can create a following where customers flock back to your business. We have seen it with some of the big companies like Apple where their employees are simply happy to have a chat in store without pushing the hard sale.


Exceeding Expectations

We are all different and we all have different expectations when it comes to customer service. Learning what those expectations are and then figuring out how to exceed them is a sure-fire way to win the hearts of your customers and turn them in to loyal followers.

Customer Pursuit

  • Customer Pursuit is a 1 to 2 hour game that can supplement your customer service offering or act as a stand-alone session to build the basics, refresh knowledge and drive engagement with your employees.

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