Emotions Emotions is a one day workshop aimed at improving your participant's self awarness and self management, the building blocks of developing their emotional intelligence. 


This engaging workshop is packed full of activities to help your participants begin to understand why we have emotions, how they work and the impact they have if they are not kept under control. 


During this workshop you will cover:

  • Personal values and beliefs
  • Understanding emotions
  • Emotional Hijack
  • Identifying triggers
  • Avoiding the hijack
  • Emotional Island


This workshop uses our signature style of being hands-on and active throughout whilst maintaining a high level of learning, reflection and action steps to aid in changing behaviour. 

Emotions Emotions - Part One (Self)

  • Improving one's emotional intelligence is an essential skill for everyone, whether you are in a leadership role looking at building better relationships with your employees, in sales trying to build rapport faster with clients or an individual contributer looking at developing yourself to a higher level. 

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