STOP! The Anti-Harassment Workshop is a bold half day session that calls out the elephant in the room when it comes to the behaviours that we often see in the workplace. These behaviours can create a working environment that makes people feel unconfortable and often unsafe every single day. 


For too long this type of behaviour has been ‘swept under the carpet’ and labelled as ‘banter’ or humour by those who believe themselves to be funny or humorous. This workshop calls out this behaviour as it is and brings it to the forefront of our conversations.  Participants discuss behaviour and label it what it is -'inappropriate'.



What will be learnt:

  • Why harassment creates a negative working environment
  • What harassment is and its effects on people on the receiving end
  • Why harassment has come to the attention of organisations around the world over the past few years
  • The different forms of harassment
  • Inappropriate behaviours that are considered harassment
  • To understand situations from different perspectives




Elements of this workshop uses language that might be considered offensive and inappropriate (with no coarse language). But this is the point! We don’t skirt around what people say. We say what is said in the workplace! We want people to leave this workshop knowing how they should and should not be acting to prevent them from causing offense to people around them.

STOP! The Anti-Harassment Workshop

  • This workshop can be taken by all levels of an organisation from individual contributor to the CEO. 

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